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Section: libcaca (3caca)
Updated: Wed Oct 20 2021
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libcaca-styleLibcaca coding style

General guidelines

A pretty safe rule of thumb is: look at what has already been done and try to do the same.

Tabulations should be avoided and replaced with eight spaces.
Indentation is generally 4 spaces.
Lines should wrap at most at 79 characters.
Do not leave whitespace at the end of lines.
Do not use multiple spaces for anything else than indentation.
Code qui fait des warnings == code de porc == deux baffes dans ta gueule


C coding style

Try to use short names whenever possible (i for indices, w for width, cv for canvas...). Macros are always uppercase, variable and function names are always lowercase. Use the underscore to separate words within names:

#define BROKEN 0
#define MAX(x, y) ((x > y) ? (x) : (y))

unsigned int x, y, w, h;
char *font_name;
void frobulate_every_three_seconds(void);

const is a suffix. It's char const *foo, not const char *foo.

Use spaces after commas and between operators. Do not use spaces after an opening parenthesis or before a closing one:

a += 2;
b = (a * (c + d));
x = min(x1, x2, x3);

Do not put a space between functions and the corresponding opening parenthesis:

int function(int);

A space can be inserted after keywords such as for, while or if, but consistency with the rest of the page is encouraged:

if(a == b)

if (p == NULL)

Do not put parentheses around return values:

return a + (b & x) + d[10];

Opening braces should be on a line of their own, aligned with the current block. Braces are optional for one-liners:

int function(int a)
    if(a & 0x84)
        return a;

    if(a < 0)
        return -a;
        a /= 2;

            case 0:
            case 1:
                return -1;
                return a;


C++ coding style

Nothing here yet.



General guidelines
C coding style
C++ coding style

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