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[MAN] Test::Lintian::Harness

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Section: Debian Package Checker (3)
Updated: 2018-04-08
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Test::Lintian::Harness -- Helper tools for t/runtests  


  use Test::Lintian::Harness qw(up_to_date);
  if (not up_to_date('some/build-stamp', 'some/dir')) {
    # do rebuild



Helper functions for t/runtests.  


Return the (human-readable) reason for skipping a test by reading the SKIP_FILE.
Populate TEST_TARGET_DIR with files/dirs from SKEL_DIR and TEST_SRC_DIR. If given, EXCL_SKEL and EXCL_SRC must be a listref containing rsync ``--exclude'' options.
Run CMD via system, but throw an error if CMD does not return 0.
Run CMD via system, but throw an error if CMD does not return 0 or 1.

Returns 1 if CMD returned successfully (i.e. 0), otherwise 0.

This is mostly useful for running Lintian, which may return 0 or 1 on ``success''.

Returns true if the mtime of STAMPFILE is greater than or equal to the mtime of all files in DIR. If RUNNER_TS is given, then the mtime of STAMPFILE must also be greater than or equal to the value of RUNNER_TS.

If STAMPFILE does not exist, this function returns false unconditionally.

Given a TESTDATA with a dependency requirement, check whether the dependency requirement is satisfied. If satisfied, return "undef", otherwise return a (human-readable) string containing the missing dependencies.
Parse FILENAME as a test description file, do a quick validation of its contents and return it in a hashref. This is similar get_dsc_control (DSCFILE) except for the extra validation.
fill_in_tmpl(FILE, DATA)
Create FILE using ``${FILE}.in'' as a template and DATA as template data.
chdir_runcmd(DIR, CMD_REF[, LOG_FILE])
Fork, chdir to DIR and exec the command (plus arguments) contained in CMD_REF. The child process's STDERR is merged into its STDOUT. The STDOUT stream of the child process is either directed to the path denoted by LOG_FILE (if given and not "undef") or to /dev/null.

Returns 0 on success and non-zero otherwise.

is_tag_in_file(TAGNAME, FILENAME)
Returns true if FILENAME appears to be output from Lintian, which emitted TAGNAME from that run.
find_tests_for_tag(TAGNAME, GLOB_EXPR)
Find checks for the Lintian tag denoted by TAGNAME that match the GLOB_EXPR. Note that GLOB_EXPR must match only the ``desc'' file of the tests.

This function returns a list of the test-data for each of these tests.

generic_find_test_for_tag(TAGNAME, GLOB_EXPR[, TCODE])
Looks for TAGNAME in all files returned by using glob on GLOB_EXPR. TCODE is called for each file with TAGNAME as first argument and the filename as second argument. TCODE is expected to return a truth value that if the test should be run. If TCODE returns something that is not just a raw truth value (e.g. a hash ref), this will be taken as the ``test'', otherwise this sub will attempt to guess the test name from the file.

If TCODE is omitted, ``is_tag_in_file(TAGNAME, FILENAME)'' will be used.

Returns a list of values returned by TCODE or guessed test names (as per above)




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